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In which way have you changed lately?

Not saying that you have to change radically,

Let my pronounce it differently,

What did you learn lately? How did it affect you? Where are you going?

Sometimes we need small changes whether you like it or not, whether you are aware of…

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When i was younger, i lacked self-confidence big time..I can tell you this. But i am not alone, am i?

Sounds familiar?

Nowadays, i am still struggling with it, How are you doing?

Growing up and encountering certain situations can help you to overcome this awkward feeling.


You have…

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Some people like it,

I am not one of those people, you shouldn’t be either,

Here is the thing..

You’re gathering waste more rapidly than you think you are. Within a day, after preparing lunch boxes for the kids in the morning, gathering what your dog ate or destroyed…

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Ever heard of it? Chances are you might..

A wristwatch, analog Clocks, digital clocks, electronic word clocks, auditory clocks, tactile clocks, multi display clocks…

Precieze aren’t they? At least they are when the battery is good.. Or at least with enough movement..

No worries, you’ll not need a battery…

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At first I didn’t really understand how this could be, but soon understanding this happens on a completely different level or way than how difficult it was perceived before.

How well balanced are you?

The importance of our endocrine system is something which triggered my awareness by thinking about how…

Complaining helps you get nowhere. How are you willing to whatever you’re after?

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Would you if you could?

I would if i could.

Do you have time for doing the things you love?

I don’t have time for that,

First i have something more important to do..

If that was…

Sven Vandenberghe

Father of four, Exercise physiologist. Submarine power cable installer. Liftime-learning and likes to spread knowledge by writing. Self-development.

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