Foto door Evie Shaffer via Pexels

Having a hard time slimming down?

Struggling to maintain that optimal weight?

Experiencing that all famous Jo-Jo effect?

Do you want to lose weight because you think you are overweight?

Ready to become a featherweight?

You: I will start my diet after the weekend.

Or, let’s say from Tuesday on…

Foto door cottonbro via Pexels

Learning to sleep could actually help your learning process.

If that makes sense..

I was one of the worst students around.

When I had an examination the next day, my learning system was near non-existing!

Spending long hours behind the computer until after midnight consumed all of my time which…

Angel statue to present a star of a person

We all have someone in our middle or within our family, a person who is highly liked, a person who is funny, a person who enjoys life, a great husband, a great father, a person who influences people in a positive way.

Walter Isaacson’s innovators made us understand that innovation…

Sven Vandenberghe

Father of four, Exercise physiologist. Submarine power cable installer. Liftime-learning and likes to spread knowledge by writing. Self-development.

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