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Sven Vandenberghe
5 min readSep 27, 2021

Writing should recreate a happening

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Writing about a real life experiences

When we pen down an experience we tend to write it too fast, too obvious but too difficult to comprehend for someone else. This is because we lived through the experience ourselves and all of what was there, was straight forward, a lot doesn’t seem to have the requirement of being described.

The reader wasn’t there so he or she should be served additional detail about the particular experience. Although this might sound easy.. This requires some effort, it urges you to stand still with what happened, reliving the moment, and think about how you could explain the actual experience and the environment to teleport an as close as possible experience through paper or blog and make the reader feel as if he or she was there.

Let’s try it with what we did this Sunday

The last few years we are trying to enjoy being in the moment more. We, being my wife and me. So, we do forest walks on a regular basis. To increase the experience we now invite some family out to picnic inside the forest.

We have a couple of forests to choose from not far from where we live. We shift forest once in a while, depending on the amount of free time we have and the mood we are in.

I really love it, the experience has an enormous advisory sticker attached to it. The fact to be in nature.. I mean the frequencies are just a lot better..

The last time we were in this particular forest my wife and I were alone with the two kids, the arrangement of our lives was different, we had less time…

That time I recall myself bringing a bottle of red wine. Good red wine, it was a “Saint Emilion grand cru classé” from 1983. It was a wine bottle which we got from her grandfather, he saved a lot of wine back in his working days, we got all of them. A shame is that most of the red wine bottles which he had saved, were saved too long or in bad conditions. This bottle was still really good, it must have been because of the quality label which Saint Emilion is.

Last Sunday we met with my parents in law, who are the most caring people around, our best friend, and…

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