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  • Cher Hin Chong

    Cher Hin Chong

    A software developer who has found penchant in writing. Writing codes uses the brain. Writing articles needs the heart more than the brain.

  • Andi Leeman

    Andi Leeman

    Copywriter, author, writer and automated marketing and sales funnels specialist. Want me to write result focused content for you? Email me: andi@andileeman.com

  • Claudiu


    I enjoy talking about money, so if it is something that interests you, please follow me. Buy me a coffee — https://ko-fi.com/cozmaclaudiu

  • Har Narayan

    Har Narayan

    Digital Writer Who Talks About Writing Tactics and Audience Growth.

  • Ilam Padmanabhan

    Ilam Padmanabhan

    3X Top Writer - 140K+ online content views, 225+ articles about Software Engg, Career in IT, QA, Future of Humanity, AI, Books, Travel, Finance & Writing

  • Andranik VAN

    Andranik VAN

    Expertise in Migration ~ Interested in Artificial Intelligence ~ Black & White photography IG: bnw_av44 ~ Mountain trekking+4000m

  • Julia Horvath

    Julia Horvath

    I run The Self-Letter: 1 weekly email with powerful ideas to help you get to know yourself better and cultivate self-awareness.💡✨ linktr.ee/juliho

  • Maryam


    Computer Engineer | Love to write | Family First | Lot to learn from life | Taking one step at a time

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