Some Granite Value About Investing?

Learn from my investing failures and take benefit of solid ideas and some ground rules

Sven Vandenberghe
8 min readJan 12, 2022


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I have been following markets for about two decades now,

Honestly, the biggest reason besides the fact that money is involved is that I really like the psychological aspect of the stock market. I mentioned in earlier posts that our brains are great prediction machines if you feed them with enough of the correct material.

Having a “higher” EQ can come in handy when you want to anticipate the stock market. Why is that? Well, let me ask you the next question: “Who buys stocks?” (Although these days we can argue more and more about this question) Still, the answer would be mainly the people.

Social interaction with a large variety of people, active listening with a growth mindset, and life experiences are a few important reasons to build EQ.

When I was eighteen years, I made my first profit on stocks.

I quit school early, started to sail at the age of seventeen, and with the money I’ve earned after a couple of months, I stepped to the bank. Indeed, this was around the first “bigger” digitalization step around 2003. Most people did it the old-fashioned way by a banker’s visit back then.

I stepped into the bank; I requested to buy specific shares of what I was convinced of; I still recall the banker’s impression of finding me quite young.

“Got tipped ey.”

My first thoughts: “Jee, do you need to be tipped to make a good investment, or does this guy not believe that someone who isn’t a person of older age or higher precedence can make a good investment decision?”

My results:

I bought 5000 euro shares from CFE if you want to know, CFE is a company of which I knew the industry. I knew they would have a huge contract. Everyone can know if you read enough… Which I did back then also.

At the time, those shares were about 51 Euro a share, if I am not mistaken. I sold them roughly three months later at 70 euros a share or something. I made around 1700 Euro profit, of which I lost about 300 euro over the weekend because my banker sold them too late…



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