Morning Superhacks That Boost Your Energy Extremely Fast

Feeling low on energy? Supercharge yourself with these hacks

Sven Vandenberghe
7 min readAug 4, 2022


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This morning I wrote down my energy to supercharge you.

Here are some simple things that everyone can do to boost your energy levels extremely fast as soon as you wake up.

Boosting energy starts the day before.

Follow this first hack to set yourself up:

Rise Early And Thrive

Character is what sets your early morning tone.

You have to wake up early morning, but you don’t want. In that case, it means you are with a serious problem. Not wanting to get out of bed in the morning means you’ve slacked down on planning and motivational perspective.

When you sleep sufficiently, you shouldn’t have that problem.

Sometimes it’s a necessity of life to wake up early. There is no way around it; we all have obligations.

When you always wake up early, these problems are automatically inhibited by your strict routine.

“Set your clock to sleep so you’ll never need one to wake up.”

Have A Few Desired Tasks Setup For Yourself

You could plan this before you go to sleep. During your sleep, your brain will work it out and mold a sense of motivation from the moment you wake up.

What helped me was thinking about my next morning’s training.

Knowing what my training routine will look like helps me to jump out of bed in the morning, and brain boosts me in training modus from the moment I wake up!

Don’t exaggerate on the list!

But a few tasks that help you achieve something per day and that help you to look forward to will trigger your likability to jump out of bed and go for the hunt.

Think about what your next steps will look like, which will lead to the future you or your future situation.

Use that moment to map out your day.

Activate Your Brain



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