Remarkably Useful Power Of Cancer

The dark side of surviving cancer that can serve as your door to life

Sven Vandenberghe
4 min readJul 22, 2022


Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Overcoming can create a dangerous animal

Creating a state of inhuman,

If you are up against an enemy ​that is invisible, someone you know you can’t win a fight against, an opponent with more weapons than you to knock you down. Knowing you almost don’t stand a chance against.

“Most important takeaway: ALMOST​.​”

An ​incomprehensible state is called: “Invincible”​; that’s what you would become if you win. Suggesting that you can’t be conquered or mastered. You are full of courage. Sitting in a ​position that none can take by assault​,​ ​you consider yourself bulletproof against attacks. Having an indomitable will.

Invisible, the new state of mind you find yourself in after survival.

Equipped with extraordinary powers

Understand that whoever jumps hurdles of life with success will find themselves equipped with certain powers. The more hurdles you jump and land​,​ the less ordinary those powers ​become.

Extraordinary power one, Thrive, ​is a power we are all equipped with​,​ but only a few of us ​can do ​it ​effortlessly. A strong mental toughness represents a ​thriving state​; the longer it has manifested​,​ the more obvious it gets exposed.

Extraordinary power two, The urge, possibly not the best power since you’ll find yourself balancing on the edge of a state of ​super stress and flow. A pressure-like state which could go both directions. ​The urge is a state which could be treated as how we ​treat hyperconnectivity these days. ​Disconnect yourself for a while when you feel overwhelmed by your behavior.

Extraordinary power three, Your motivation accumulates over time because of your past. You’ve conquered and survived many obstacles and setbacks, overcame and won. The compounded effect of those winnings ​has programmed ​your system’s mighty power of motivation. ​In this positive twist, motivation has the additional benefit ​of dragging others with you.



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