Some Great Help To Get You Going With Your Writing

In search of a simple strategy to note down fantastic posts?

Sven Vandenberghe
4 min readDec 8, 2021


It’s great to post things when we really have a fantastic story to tell,

The words fly out and the effort is near non-existing.

But what about the days when you run out of fantastic content?

We all know the feeling, you’re sitting there in front of your screen..

Looking, thinking, considering, doubting,

Search or think about a title or a topic and try to know what you will write before sitting in front of your screen or notebook. Let your mind wander first and then let it flow out.

Finish a post early in your day no matter what!

You need to create that early winning. So prioritize it!

Every day or at least try to do so. Early day achievements tend to have a relaxing effect throughout the day. Starting your day with small accomplishments or winnings are what build up self esteem and positive flow. Benefit from your winning streak on the go, chances are that this will not last the whole day.

The more you write the easier it becomes to get your thoughts out. Like everything in life you’ll need a lot of practice. Writing is actually a transversion of your thoughts into the real world. Extracting your thoughts is a key element.

What helps me? for instance, I have a couple of minutes while drinking my coffee to think and note down thoughts into the medium app on my smartphone. (They are captured)

I’ll add to the fact that i don’t like to use my smartphone too much, i’ll try to step back from it as much as possible. I really feel enlightened if i reduce my smartphone use to a bare minimum. (This shit really helps)

First i take time to think and consider how or in which way i will implement it. I do what i was thinking of and step away from it. Mostly this happens during coffee breaks, like this i feel like i am using the rendering of my brain into something useful and it’s not a waste. (efficiency of brain use)



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