The best things to do which will improve your learning

Sven Vandenberghe
7 min readJul 23, 2021

Forgetting a lot of information? You might have to revise your learning mechanism.

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Do you really enjoy it?

If not, think of learning as a complete process which flows in ups and downs and learn to like it. The ups meaning the topics which are really in your interest and the downs meaning the topics where you tend to lose your interest and where it needs a tremendous amount of effort to overcome the valley to reach motivation to push forward.

In school we tend to experience this more often than when we would study later in life.

Why? Well, in school we are told to learn, while later in life we choose to learn something.

“I was always a bad student, Possibly the worst of the class. Nevertheless I was the most eager one to learn, if that makes sense.”

Surely, there will be many people who can relate to what is stated above here. What I noticed from the good students from then and who achieved their degree, they stopped learning soon after that. They got a job and only did that one thing.

Not saying this is good or bad, everyone needs to do whatever he feels good about but there is no way around it that you’ll be more likely to slow down your learning rate by only doing this one thing over and over again in the beginning you’ll learn but after a while this process will slow down and you will always be in your comfort zone.

Learning = Error making and using these errors to search for another solution. It creates neuroplasticity, the actual synapses become stronger during sleep.

So, what’s Your sleeping habit like?

Sleep is the mighty foundation of learning.

Our body needs a good amount of sleep to function well. This duration largely depends on gender and your personality type. Our brain might even benefit more from sleep than the rest of our body. Our mental state is getting optimized from sleeping.

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