The Day Of Travel: Heading For A New Offshore Project

The power of a diary, traveling, and the aim for positive work vibes

Sven Vandenberghe
7 min readMay 12, 2022


A picture that was taken from the cable pull-in beach

Today I feel like writing somewhat a copy of what I’ve noted in my diary.

I’ll let you into what this post contains to let you off the hook early if required; this is just me writing a bit.

Content of this post:

  • Writing tips
  • Traveling towards my job offshore
  • Sleep awareness (I can’t help myself)
  • The project
  • The satisfaction

If I may suggest a writing tip:

“Get yourself a diary yesterday.”

Several years ago, I would’ve laughed with you; now my diary is stone-cold reality.

As you perhaps know, I work offshore across the world. This aspect of life alone feeds me with many stories, but I don’t write about it that often. Still, I journal daily. The benefits of a diary for me are:

  • Emotional release (seeking physiological balance)
  • Keeping a log of aspects of my life (Leaving something behind seems like a great thing to do)
  • A way to keep me in a writing habit

“Most writing problems stem from not maintaining a daily writing habit.”

-Tim Denning-

When you wouldn’t know what to write about, a diary will always be something you can turn back to. It’s your secret stash of writing. It’s a treasure. Although you might not want to share everything you’ve written inside your diary with everyone, it still allows you to do so if you feel like it.

For me, writing in a diary is the purest form of writing. Straight from your heart, straight from your thoughts, just unprocessed.

The travel

Today, heading back offshore.

Early morning 05:29, I had to catch the train towards Schiphol, the international airport of the Netherlands. This time, not to fly across the world, but Schiphol is our meeting point. From there, a taxi would pick…



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