​What Are The Best Atomic Habits Of The Greatest Writers?

What are the systems of the best in the world which might have you blend in with them?

Sven Vandenberghe
6 min readJun 24, 2022


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What’s your best habit?

Did you know that shifting the smallest habits shape-shifts your persona?

Either you are subjected to bad habits, or you abuse them massively.

Guess what great writers do?

Indeed, they abuse the power of habit formation in their best interest.

​Find out what the best atomic habits of the greatest writers are, and blend in with the pack.

First, start by:

Getting an atomic life

“Experience feeder”

​It would help if you lived life ​to have something to write about. The greatest writers have a life that enables them to use that life as a tool. If not​,​ they use their past life as a tool that separates them from the pack when they apply it to their writing.

Spice up your life to generate writing possibilities!

If you are set on full live-blog modus​,​ your posts will​,​ in the end​,​ serve as the family album 2.0, in that sense that you’ll ​have a picture for later and the entire story to recapture together with kids and family.

Separation time


Time to render ideas. An absolute habit to schedule is to get rid of distractions!

It’s the most productive thing a writer can do, step away, and envision.

Difficult to do in our overarousalled modern world?




Find a way to create the habit of separating yourself. Start with taking small breaks of 5min alone. Use that time to think and work out ideas.


The same counts for your writing time. The greatest writers don’t write in a crowdy place. They rather separate and increase their productivity and intense focus by working alone.



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