What Are You? A Gigantic Clown Or Magnificent Doctor

Sven Vandenberghe
7 min readAug 10, 2021

The circus of hypnosis and the history

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The word hypnosis

Basically represents: “inducement of sleep”

The word hypnosis originates from the Greek word hypnos, meaning sleep, and the Latin word called osis, meaning condition.

Although hypnosis has nothing to do with sleep, here it already got quite confusing. Add this to the fact that the doctor James Braid actually coined the term which united Hypnosis with Sleep forever.

Not a bad start..

Hypnosis has nothing to do with sleep, but it can be used as a tool to achieve better sleep

The circus of hypnosis

People have looked at hypnosis as a circus act for a long period of time,

Many thought and still think of hypnosis as being a circus act, to have people walk around like a chicken, to brainwash people or they believed that it is really dangerous. Stage hypnosis is matter of fact, quite a recent way of how hypnosis can be used.

Hollywood and stage hypnosis created a clown act confusion where people still tend to be mind-trapped in as until today.


A clown act or not, clearly the influence of hypnosis is visible and this exposes the real life effects.

But shift the purpose and you become a doctor..

Sleep temples or dream temples

But hypnosis of some kind isn’t new,


Sleep temples as they referred to were the place where a first form of hypnosis first took place, probably some 4,000 years ago.

This happened under the influence of Imhotep who was Chancellor and high priest of the sun god RA in Heliopolis. He was seen as the son of the ancient Egyptian demiurge Ptah and his mortal mother named Khredu-ankh.

Sleep temples were a kind of hospitals that offered healing to various ailments. Maybe a lot of those ailments are assumed to be mainly psychological, treatment existed of chanting or a form of singing and other…

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