Why And How You Should Induce Dreams And Achieve A Higher Dream Rate?

When was the last time you experienced an unreal dream? Or wait, wasn’t it unreal after all?

Sven Vandenberghe
5 min readMay 1, 2022


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The interpretation of dreams can go many ways. I’ll explain two of the more important ones.

  • One of them is your future building an imaginary constructed perspective, which Is great when you can envision that!
  • Another is the art of self-therapy. This one is the true gem of dreams if you ask me.

For Sharing dreams,

It would help if you began tracking or recording your dreams. Work with them daily to acquire great insight.

Why would you care about your dreams?

Your brain produces dreams for a whole bunch of reasons. You need your dreams, and you need to reflect on what they tell you.

Some of the more important benefits of analyzing dreams if found without doing any research:

  • Memory retaining (This one beats the pack for me, it’s an unbelievable force, master it!)
  • Self-analyzing and adjusting (learning to know yourself and how you think or what you spot subconsciously)


I’ll try to help you gain insight into the percentage of how important this really is.

“Ninety-nine hundredths or, possibly, nine hundred and ninety-nine thousandths of our activity is purely automatic and habitual, from raising in the morning to lying down each night. Our dressing and undressing, our eating and drinking, our greetings and partings, our hat raisings and giving way ladies to precede, nay, even most forms of our common speech, are things of a type so fixed by repetition as almost to be classed as reflex actions. To each sort of impression, we have an automatic, ready-made response… So



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